History of the Future


It has been bothering me for a while.. If you want to build a house – you have a vision, plan, and a project (usually a very detailed one) – you hire professionals so you can construct your apartment.

The same things are needed when you want to produce a footwear, toothbrush, tablets, release a new brand and create its image… Even preparation of a simple premiere invitation requires a lot of attention. For years, I have been looking for a vision.. of the world.

Then, how should the world look like?

Should it be green, forested, clean?

Should there be machines with ecological engines?

Should people work since they are 6 until they reach age 65 in order to afford food and a roof over their heads?

Should we invent intercontinental, propelled by a magnetic field fast trains going under the sea level?

Should we aim at uniformity or diversity?

How can we share our goods?

Should we teach people to think on their own or should they follow a leader?

Should households be self-sustainable?

Should self-determination and self-definition be our aims?

How should politics look like?


Human relations?

What kind of future do we want?

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