Luck of touch wound


Pain of the absence


Every action is like a process.

You start, you think you know, you think you know in which direction to go until you realize you didn’t know anything.

The emergence of the painting started from a word „TOUCH”. It was supposed to be a softness, tenderness, pleasure, but it turned out that I cannot face up to the challenge. It started opening the wounds from the past, so violently that I put it aside..

After a couple of years I found the painting. Waterstained. Dirty. Forgotten. I realised that the feeling of touch in my life is just like this picture. Unexpected, precisely underlined and distilled truth came out. The truth so phenomenal that I decided to exhibit the painting.

Pain of the absence of touch”.

Anyway.. on the exhibition day the painting changed itself. It bled me from the inside, swung with a rebellious spray. It ended a period of time. I was watching it in the gallery for a couple of hours. The consequences of bleeding, the use of word and black paint, were reaching my mind. Thoughts crated a web-like system. Emotions evolved. Until I stood up and cut out one word from the title. And then it was finished.

It was the end of „the absence of pain”

The end of touch?”

I still don’t know a lot about it..

Realisation time: 09. 2013- 06.2016 r.

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