White paintings

I once visited a gallery of Renaissance painting. Titian, Rembrandt, De la Francesca, El Greco, Da Vinci … I walked from painting to painting. Some evoked  such strong emotions that I had to leave the room in order not to disturb other visitors. Some other paintings didn’t move me at all.

I wondered what caused such reactions. Not the topic – I have not been interested in stories for a long time nor the manner of painting (each was great). I even excluded the composition or colour patterns. I hypothesised that the artist experiences emotions while painting. These emotions are captured, perhaps with the help of brush strokes and vibrations or maybe with the help of mystical energies affecting the entire structure of the painting.

I decided to examine my hypothesis and created a series of paintings in which I quit all attributes of painting: colour, composition, plot. I wanted to capture sheer states. And when one of the selected states appeared in me, I applied another layer of paint to the appropriate painting.

The paintings in the pictures are the quintessence of that action. They represent three basic states I extracted and defined by the colours of the titles.

Of course, I recommend experiencing them personally – neither brush vibrations nor mystical changes in the paint structure cannot be felt through the screen.