It has not been easy to buy my art so far … But I have prepared small installations for those who want it. As you can see in the photos, they are packed in boxes…. … And that’s more or less all I’m going to tell you about them.

So these are installations for those who trust me.

For those who like my art.

Who need the unknown.

For those who like strange items.

For philosophers

and for psychologists.

For those who struggle with themselves and with reality.

And for those who play with themselves and reality.

For those who need surprises, beauty, and poetry.

And for those who miss me.

All boxes and contents are handmade by me with great care. There are several versions of the content, but the idea is one. This idea is marked with a Roman number I. Each idea has its own Roman number. There will be more boxes with unknown contents.

I think the installations can be good gifts for Art lovers or for those who like to think about the answer to the question “How to live?” It’s interesting to buy yourself a box with unknown contents. But giving someone … This is a higher level of fun in life. The level that I wish for myself and for you.

The installation cost is 50E + shipping costs, and well … let the unknown happen.

Have fun opening the packages! And let me know what your impressions are.

See ya!

Zuzanna Dembiec