Minus 1 residence

At the turn of April and May 2023, I stayed for 3 weeks in the Minus 1 gallery at the Gen. Zientka roundabout in Katowice with the exhibition “Superunit xX = Superwe”. The exhibition consisted of a board game of my design and two installations – Social Platform and Life Control Machine. The main goal of my activities, this exhibition, and each of my works is to create situations in which people can meet, deeply connect, and raise awareness of their own inner beliefs, and the possibility of making changes in them to become happier, liking themself more, and perhaps even better, person.

The game I created and played with several dozen different visitors during the exhibition is the result of several thousand conversations I have had with people from different cultures and social classes over the last 20 years. It is a way to address the plague of loneliness spreading across our current world. Increasing inability to establish deeper contacts. Going beyond casual, shallow conversations. It is a tool to connect people. Creating a community. Belonging.

The Community Platform is an installation for meetings. The head is placed in a cotton space where, by minimizing distracting stimuli, interpersonal contact becomes immediately intimate and intense.

The Feeling Control Machine consists of a panel with many knobs, sliders, and buttons that can be used to select and change the intensity of the internal settings that guide us in our lives.

The exhibition took place in the Minus 1 gallery in an underground passage where thousands of people pass every day. It was free and open to everyone. During this time, the game was experienced and played by Katowice residents, tourists, emigrants, single people, pairs, friends, children, teenagers, adults, and many elderly people – many very interesting meetings and deep conversations.